Timeline of the house in the history of Baie-Saint-Paul



  • Estimated date of construction of the house of Gîte TerreCiel.  These are the oldest photos we could find, the date is unknown.



  • Church in Baie-Saint-Paul constructed.  It was blessed on July 11th, 1911.



  • "Le village de la Baie-Saint-Paul" photograph de Jules-Ernest Livernois.  The house of Gîte TerreCiel is seen directly in the center.



  • (March 20th) The city council modified the names of different roads in Baie-Saint-Paul after the request of the Chamber of Commerce..  Batture Ste-Anne will now be called Rue Sainte-Anne.



  • (August 4th) A committee is formed to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the construction of the first church in Baie-Saint-Paul.  The committee contains J.-Olivar Gariépy, Ch.-Éd. Tremblay,  Jean-Joseph Simard  et l’abbé Jean-Paul Tremblay.



  • This is the date we estimate that major work was done on the house.   The entire back area of the house was added around this date, and it currently holds the verrière and family room



  • The Gîte TerreCiel appeared in the film "La Guerre des Tuques".  The house was white and is visible from 1 min 45 seconds.


  • (July 7th) Cirque du Soleil started in Baie-Saint-Paul



  • The house was used for Katimavik. The following text is from the wikipedia article "Katimavik (Inuktitut: "meeting place") is a registered charity which educates Canadian youth through volunteer work. Katimavik provides opportunities for young Canadians to participate in intensive six-month periods of volunteer service through the following themed programs: "Cultural Discovery and Civic Engagement", "Eco-citizenship and Active Living", "Second Language and Cultural Identity", "Eco-internship" (Éco-stage), and "Katimavik Horizon""



  • (January 11th) House sold by Hélène Simard and Jean-Denis Simard to Rachel Tremblay and Benoît Frigon.
  • House was converted into a gîte called Bonhomme Sept Heures.

A few photos we found of the gîte Bonhomme Sept Heures.



  • (December 14th) House sold by Rachel Tremblay and Benoît Frigon to Abdelkader M'Khaldi.
  • House converted from gîte (english: "bed and breakfast") to résidences de tourisme (tourist home).



  • (April 14th) House sold by Abdelkader M'Khaldi to Nicolas Pelletier and David Mancini.



  • (July 4th) House converted back to gîte (english: "bed and breakfast").  Gîte TerreCiel is open! Upon opening, there were 4 rooms and an accupuncture clinic in the house.



  • Three gîtes from Baie-Saint-Paul were put in competition on the television show  « Devine où je vais dormir ce soir? » (English: "Guess where am I going to sleep tonight?").  The host Tammy Verge visited Gîte TerreCiel, Gîte Fleury and Les Petits Brasseurs. She finally made the choice to stay at Gîte TerreCiel.



  • (July 22nd) Nicolas Pelletier sold his half of the house to Gabrielle Cadieux-Gagnon and Guillaume Jalbert who are presently propriataires with David Mancini


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